Registered and age-appropriate students may join any of our school sponsored clubs at any time throughout the school year.  We have offered over one dozen school clubs since 2011 with Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, and others dating back to “the time of Lydia Harris” (former Principal and champion of the Cleveland Scholarship Voucher) in the 1990’s.  Each club will meet after school until 3:30p.m  with the coordinating faculty/staff member.  If you/your child is interested in one or more of the clubs below, please stop by the Main Office.

Monday: Flag Football (Grades 3-8), Newspaper (Grades 3-8), and Future Athlete.

Tuesday: Fine Young Ladies CLub, Recycling, Keyboard/Piano, and Book Club (Grades 4-8).

Wednesday: Computer Club, SRA Reading, Tennis Club, Art Club, Puzzle Club, and Sign Language Club.

Thursday: Japanese Club, Chess Club, Book Club (Grades K-3), Fitness Club (SPRING SEMESTER ONLY), Band, African-American CLub, and Wrestling Club (WINTER ONLY).

Friday: Pee Wee Baseball Club.

If there is a club you do not see listed it is not being offered at this time. Check back often for up-to-date club lists.