Our chapter of the “National Junior Honors Society” is chaired by Mr. Gordon and is available to current 7th & 8th Graders for membership, although we extend membership to outstanding younger grade children as well.  We are partners with Ethan Holmes from “Holmes Mouthwatering Apple Sauce” and have worked with several local non-profits and other agencies for community service and student works.  We are very proud of our “NJHS” chapter and the outstanding work that they’re accomplished since 2017-2018, our first year as an official national member!

The NJHS is not a society based solely on GPA, but consists of the brightest and most well-rounded students.  Criteria for maintaining membership includes:

  • Scholarship – earned and maintained an overall GPA of 3.8 and above in all core and Respected Arts classes (Art, Music, Computer, and Physical Education). 
  • Service – complete at least 20 hours of service to the school and/or community throughout the academic year.
  • Leadership – being positive and show leadership qualities.  Maintain appropriate relationships with adults and students in our school.
  • Citizenship – regular participation in a minimum of two of various clubs, sports, and activities.
  • Attendance – regular attendance to school wth limited or no absences or tardy days.
  • Community – ability to attend extra-curricular field trips and off-campus exploration activities.
  • Faith – an emphasis on Christ in your life as evidenced by one or more of the following:
    • Frequent attendance at Sunday mass at Saint Adalbert Church or evidence of attendance at another parish
    • Serving as an altar server for our school masses or prayer services
    • Monthly prayer the Rosary or Divine Mercy with our religious staff or liaty
    • Taking a leadership role in our monthly school prayer services
  • Character – showing good behavior and leading by example:
    • Not earning more than one detention as well as no suspensions
    • Arriving to school on time with no more than three tardies
    • Regular daily attendance with no more than three absences; additional absences would require a doctor’s written excuse
    • The NJHS prides itself on its members maintaining good character and upstanding moral character.​​​​​​​